One has to face the reality of modern pharmacy before scrolling any further. There are No magical drugs presently in the market that can make one lost weight over a short span of time without any change in lifestyle. However, that being said, one of the primary names in the pharmaceutical market related to weight loss inducing drugs is Xenical. It has proven itself to be one of the most effective drugs in the market to lose weight when coupled with a low calorie diet and an active lifestyle and moreover, people can easily buy authentic Xenical from reputed online pharmacies, which sells genuine Xenical pills at low price with options like COD and overnight shipping.

What does Xenical do?

The process is rather simple, really. The digestive system secretes an enzyme called the lipase which helps in breaking down the fat from the ingested food for energy. The compounds in Xenical attach themselves to the lipase and prevents them from breaking down the fats. The undigested fat is not converted into energy and leaves the body unconverted through one’s bowel movements.  Xenical works best when the drug is taken immediately before the intake of food.

Does it Really work?

 Weight Loss Results With XenicalThe treatment of obesity with this drug has resulted in minimal to humongous changes in weight of the patients. The reason is fairly simple for such results. It is an efficient drug only if it is supplemented by an exercise regime and the intake of a balanced diet. Xenical does not prevent lipase from absorbing all the fat. Rather, it is only about 30-40% that is terminated by the body through bowel movement. However, that being said, if one is to take a low fat diet along with vitamin supplements, it is one of the most effective drugs in its category. Not only does it help in removing the excess weight off the body, but it also assists in relieving weight-related conditions like diabetes and cholesterol indirectly.

A lot of research has gone into the effects of this medication and it has been sufficiently proven that Xenical treatment added to the weight reducing diet and exercise regime enhances weigh loss to the extent of 10% weight being shelled within a span of a mere six months. Studies have shown that, weight loss in those being treated with Xenical against those being treated with placebo was about 50% more. However, this medication does not do the entire work. Some people indulge in a sedentary lifestyle entrusting Xenical to do all the hard labour. However, this mindset has led to conspicuous weight gain in the past.

Please keep in mind that this medication only prevents the fat from being digested. The calories that one consumes and the amount of calories one burns still remains very much in the hands of the person. But, if you do follow the healthy lifestyle, Xenical can certainly become your best friend for weight loss!