FDA advise people for taking XenicalFDA certified Xenical as a prescription medicine for obesity management, long with substantial amount of exercise and a proper diet. As used by a ton of people, Xenical (orlistat) helps in decreasing weight. The worldwide prevalence of obesity doubled between 1980 & 2014. Due to this, most of the people started taking certain drug to free themselves. Xenical seemed a good way to decrease fat, while not becoming totally drug dependent. This medication is prescribed along with some physical exercise. FDA has imposed some more label corrections on Xenical recently, and that have not been in the favour of using it as to treat obesity. Let’s see what FDA has changed in the label that makes Xenical a little bit unsafe to use.

Why FDA changed the label for Xenical?

There were about 13 reports to the FDA that reported liver failure injuries in people taking Xenical. They all were prescribed Xenical that may have hindered with their liver, and finally it was unable to work. But, some patients in the report were also taking some other drug that may have caused their liver to fail. Due to the severity of the cases reported to the FDA, they have included this in Xenical’s label. But, this drug is still available for sale and is still showing good effects in treating obesity. The case was taken up but FDA seriously, because there were 2 deaths reported due to liver failure, and three of them required a liver transplant. This all was enough to make FDA correct the label on Xenical, as this was the drug that can be related with all of the people who suffered liver failure. But, FDA is not telling healthcare professionals to stop prescribing Xenical. Instead, the healthcare professional advise people on how to buy authentic Xenical online in an correct way without getting cheated. The people, who have taken this drug, should keep taking it if it is showing a good effect on their obesity. It still remains a very good drug to improve the shape of a person’s body.

How FDA views Xenical as a drug?

FDA was needed to take this action and include the warning  on Xenical’s label, as there was proof, that Xenical may have caused liver failure in some people. But, still, the FDA has not banned its usage, and generally speaking, it has helped a lot of  people get a leaner body, and have solved numerous obesity cases. All this contributes to the positive side of using this drug, and that’ why FDA still identify it as a drug that can help you shed weight in conjunction with doing some exercise and eat adequate amount of healthy food. So, the final verdict is that you should continue using Xenical to treat your obesity, and you will see results in a short period of time. But, as FDA has put an additional warning on the drug, It must be used with proper care, but it is not much of a problem, and there is a very slim chance of anyone getting a failed liver after using Xenical.