Injuries arising as a result of playing a sport can be mild to severe. Every injury’s treatment plan differs from the other and requires quick medical attention. If the wound is just acute, then some self-help aid can help.

When should you seek medical intervention?

When the injured person experiences the following problems, then a consultant physician should be contacted immediately.

  • If the injured person is experiencing intense pain, swelling or numbness
  • The hurt body part cannot accept any pressure or pain
  • If the pain is not of a tolerable level
  • If an old injury also gets aggravated accompanied by swelling or joint aches.

When should you opt for self-treatment and how?

Sports injuries treatmentsIf the pain, swelling or bleeding worsens, one should approach a medical expert right away. If your pain is bearable, then you can probably go forward with home treatment methods for injuries. The RICE method mentioned below is the most common home treatment technique followed to get healed from sport injuries in a short time.

Rest: Take adequate rest when you have been injured from physical activities. Limit the regular exercise routines and daily activities or work you do.

Ice: Apply ice packs on the injured area for about 20 minutes. Repeat the process for four to five times a day. This is believed to reduce your pain effectively.

Note: Do not apply heat to the injured parts immediately after an injury as this may tend to increase internal swelling or bleeding. Heat applications should be used later to release muscle tension.

Compression: The injured area could be helped from swelling by applying compression. Air casts, elastic wraps, special boots, splints etc. can be used to relieve compression on the affected areas. Consulting health care professionals for the best compressors can be very helpful.

Elevation: Try keeping injured body area elevated or use a pillow for protection. The injured ankle, knee, elbow, the wrist should be kept above the heart level to arrest or reduce inflammation.

Medical Treatment

The RICE technique described in the above section is capable enough to treat the injuries instantly occurred while playing a sport. However, for injuries that are severe or need physicians help, the following are the treatment options insisted by doctors.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s)

When a person gets injured, chemicals are being released from the damaged tissue cells. When a person is not being given the first aid immediately, then his/ her skin or tissues become swollen, tender and more painful.

Doctors or physicians, who consult you, often suggest some over the counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) like the tramadol. Tramadol reduces pain and gradually assists to subside the pain the injured person is suffering.


This treatment is performed immediately by a trainer or paramedic and is a common sports injury treatment. Further damage could be prevented by reducing movement to the injured area. Immobilization reduces pain, swelling, muscle spasm and aids in beginning the healing process. Few of the devices that are being employed for immobilization are:

  • Slings that are used to immobilize the upper part of the body which includes the shoulders and the arms.
  • Splints and casts are being used to support and protect injured bones and soft tissues. Splints can be custom made or even available as readymade whereas the casts are made from plaster or fiberglass.
  • Leg immobilizers are put to use to prevent the knee from bending after a surgery or an injury.
  • Surgery, rehabilitation, and other therapies are also employed to enable a person to get recovered from the sports injuries.