phentermine with alcoholIt is not safe to combine phentermine with alcohol. If a person takes both these together, many issues would be triggered. So, before commencing the weight loss treatment with this medication, know about the safety issues. Main reason behind buying phentermine would be to reduce weight but while taking alcohol with this drug, weight loss cannot be achieved. You are not supposed to take a stimulant and a depressant together where this medication is a stimulant and alcohol is a depressant. This is because, working mechanism of both would be different hence would be counterproductive and a major health hazard would be triggered when this happens.

Why phentermine and alcohol should not be taken together?

Phentermine is a medication which suppresses the activities in the part of the brain that is responsible for reducing the appetite. It stimulates other activities that provides more energy to a person that is required to do workout or exercise. On the other hand, alcohol is a depressant. It directly affects the brain and it affects the levels of testosterone hence it would make it very difficult to exercise. Alcohol also affects the liver which in turn affects the rate of burning fat. There would be no positive effects on the person regarding weight loss when phentermine is combined with alcohol. Apart from this, side effects like dizziness, drowsiness, anger and depression would be aggravated. A person would be at high risk of getting affected by high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems like chest pain or high heart rate.

Can you take small quantity of alcohol with phentermine?

To get maximum benefit from phentermine and to avoid any safety issues, it is suggested not to take alcohol along with this weight loss medication. If you are properly following doctors advice you can lose weight with phentermine effectively. You want to take small quantity of alcohol, you have to consult with your medico first. They would examine your condition and then would tell whether you can take alcohol with phentermine or not. If they suggest you to take alcohol, they would also mention the quantity of intake per day. If you are suggested not to drink alcohol, please follow their instructions at least during the course of weight loss therapy.

How alcohol and phentermine together would aggravate your previous medical conditions?

When you take alcohol and phentermine together, it would aggravate the medical condition that you are already suffering from and in case, if you already have a liver condition, it would make the condition worse. Those who have abused phentermine with alcohol in the past have suffered from severe alcohol addiction. For those who have heart related diseases, the risk is much higher. Alcohol is not good for health hence it should be avoided. When it is combined with phentermine, it is a big NO. You would know the saying that prevention is better than cure. It applies in this condition too. Follow the instructions given by the doctor and refrain from alcohol consumption while taking phentermine. Do not take this combination and be recipient to any medical ailments. If you avoid these together, you can safely lose your weight.