generic meridia over brandMeridia is available in both generic and brand versions, containing the active ingredient Sibutramine. The drug is considered as one of the most effective weight loss medications. Taking the drug helps to a large extent to get rid of the excess weight. Generic Meridia is also an option for people to consider. In fact, there are reasons why it may be much better to choose generic form over the brand form.

The low cost of generic version is just one reason why many opt for this version over the brand. Taking Meridia may be a good decision to improve the weight loss efforts but choosing the generic over the brand would help you many other ways too. Here are some of the top reasons why the user can opt for generic version of the medicine over the brand.

Generic Meridia is considerably cheaper than brand drug

It is a definitive fact that the generic variant of Meridia is cheaper than the brand. Sibutramine pills that are manufactured by other companies are priced low as there are no costs like research and development, or advertising that are passed on to the customers. Brand form does reflect these costs though. When you check out the prices listed for Meridia, you would be able to see at one that the generic version is just a fraction of the cost of the brand. You can achieve incredible savings by opting for generic form. Check the prices for the different generic forms of the medicine available and go with the one that suits your budget.

Generic Meridia works just as effectively as brand version

Another reason to choose generic variant over the brand is the fact that the medications work equally well. The generic and brand variants are bioequivalent to each other. There may be minor in differences in the inactive ingredients but this does not in any way affect the effectiveness of the medication. In case you are allergic to any of the inactive ingredients in the brand form, you can always switch to taking the generic version so that you do not have to put your weight loss efforts on hold. Some persons even feel that they respond better to the generic than to the brand. Considering the pricing and the effectiveness, generic variant is a very good option to choose.

Other reasons to choose generic Meridia over the brand

The two reasons provided above are sufficient to prove why one can choose the generic Meridia over the brand for achieving the desired weight loss. But there are other reasons too. One such reason is that brand form may not be easily available and some countries may not even allow for the import of the drug. However, the generic variant is more readily available. The active ingredient Sibutramine is used by a number of drug companies worldwide to produce the effects similar to Meridia. When getting the brand form of the medicine is not an easy option, simply opt for the generic variant and enjoy the benefits associated with opting for the Sibutramine pills.