Lose weight during sleep with phentermineWeight loss is a tedious issue but it can be easily achieved during sleep with phentermine. Sleep definitely plays a vital role in shedding excess weight hence you need to get enough sleep when you are buying phentermine and consuming the weight loss medication. Let us now know about how sleep can increase the success rate of weight loss.

What would happen if you didn’t sleep properly?

When you dint sleep properly, the frontal lobe in brain gets dull. This is which responsible for making any decisions and to have control over the behavior. When this part of the brain is dulled, you would become over tired. In this condition, you cannot resist temptations or cravings towards the food. You end up eating a lot. Due to the inability of making healthy choices, intake of unhealthy foods would be on your top list. During a research, it was found that, when a person is over tired, they end up purchasing high calorie foods compared to those who had proper sleep. So, never go to the super market to purchase foods when you are absolutely tired.

How hunger hormones are affected?

When a person does not achieve enough sleep, the hormones in his body are affected. This would especially imbalance the hunger hormones. There are two types of hormones namely ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin hormone is which tells a person that he or she is hungry at the proper time whereas leptin hormone would send signals that a person is full. When you are sleep deprived, ghrelin hormone is produced more and leptin is produced less. This would make you to eat a lot without getting the signal of fullness. Even if you are taking phentermine, you would be confused about this effect on you. When this happens, you would think that phentermine has stopped working on you but the truth behind it is the lack of sleep.

What is the hazard of insufficient sleep while on weight loss medication?

There is high chance for your health care professional to increase the dosage of phentermine, if you say that phentermine is not working on you. This would in turn lead to drug overdose. Really quick weight loss with phentermine is possible if you are taking right dosage. Insomnia is a side effect that you may experience as a result of this. This is seriously a hazard to you. Just imagine, you are already not sleeping properly and insomnia would increase this problem in you. When this happens, phentermine medication has little effect on the patient.

What should you do to avoid this?

The answer is very simple. Sleep well while you are on phentermine medication. Try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Following the same time to bed would definitely help you. When you are on proper sleep cycle, phentermine medication would work best in you. Weight loss can happen easily with phentermine along with a healthy diet as well as proper exercise regime. You can resist your cravings easily which is very important for a person to lose excessive weight.