Xenical is an inhibitor for lipase and has lipostatin as an active ingredient. The way xenical works is that the action of fat digesting lipase enzymes is blocked in the intestines. As a result of it 30% of the fat eaten does not get absorbed but it passes out of the system through the stools. This results in weight loss. Infact it has been proven that double the patients reduced weight of 10% or more in a year as compared with those that did not take xenical.

Who benefits from it?

Xenical is only given if the Body Mass Index equals or exceeds 30 or if the Body Mass index is 28 or more but the person suffers from type 2 of diabetes, heart disease or other such ailments. Xenical is prescribed if through the diet and exercise the weight loss of 2.5kg is produced in 4 weeks. If however, 5% of the body weight has not been lost in 12 weeks, it is discontinued. However, as xenical inhibits the absorption of fat in the intestines, Vitamin A, D, E and K substitutes need to be taken as these vitamins are fat soluble and due to the decreased absorption of fat, the amount of these vitamins which are absorbed are lesser.

Difference between Brand Xenical and Generic versions

generic Xenical and brand XenicalThe difference between the brand Xenical and the Generic form of Orlistat is the manufacturer as well as the process of manufacturing. These branded drugs have gone through a lot of research as well as are approved by the FDA. The generic versions are produced by companies which are smaller in size and they normally pick up the drug post the expiration of the patent. Therefore, in both cases the active ingredients are identical, also identical are the effects seen. One can purchase authentic Xenical, the brand version of the pill in 120mg capsules but the generic types come in different strengths and forms as well.

The generic versions of xenical are much cheaper than the brand as these smaller pharmaceutical companies have not had to invest in research and so they have not had that amount of overheads incurred as the branded pharmaceutical company. Also, the online pharmacies offer cheaper prices of these generic products as they are purchased straight from the manufacturers and passed on to the customers therefore the profits and the overheads of the distributors, stockists and retailers are all eliminated.

There are various ways where the generic drug xenical is available and one can compare the different prices online through various websites. Some of these online pharmacies offer overnight delivery too and some physical pharmacies too offer discounted pricing or sale of these medications at time.

However, it is necessary to check these online sites as well as the sites selling generic versions of Xenical drugs, as not all are genuine. There are some counterfeit versions which are available. These counterfeit sites do not contain Orlistat but rather contain sibutramine and that too in twice in the recommended dosage as what is recommended for weight loss.