take meridia safelyMeridia is also called Sibutramine Hydrochloride Monohydrate and is combined with a low-calorie diet to manage and maintain weight loss in individuals suffering from obesity. Doctors recommend people to get cheap Meridia for whom the BMI (body mass index) is 27 or more/ 30 or more with the presence of other medical conditions like diabetes, dyslipidemia and controlled hypertension.

Merida can be addictive because of the presence of Sibutramine and hence should be only consumed by those who have been prescribed for medicine to avoid severe side effects or fatality. Passing or selling of Meridia to others is not only illegal but can immensely harm the user’s health.

Important information

If the patient is on medication for depression such as Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor, make sure to clearly mention it to the doctor if he or she has ingested it in the past two weeks.

The patient’s family or patient should mention if they’ve had a history of eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia and about their allergy to any ingredient present in Meridia.

If the patient has a history of poor circulation in their legs, heart attack, high blood pressure, chest pain or symptoms of stroke, make sure to mention it to the doctor.

Any cold, migraine, narcotic pain drug, herbal tablets, prescription or nonprescription drug that the patient is currently on should be mentioned because the combination of the above with Meridia can sometimes lead to severe side effects. When Meridia is combined with some medication, it can make user experience shivering, fever, sweating, anxiety or confusion which requires medical assistance immediately.

Women who are breastfeeding or pregnant should stay away from the consuming Meridia as it can harm their baby.

Do not indulge in alcohol or participate in activities that require the patient to be alert and awake like driving or operating heavy machinery without the advice of the doctor.

If bleeding is observed in a patient after ingesting a blood thinning medicine, Meridia should not be taken.

Less serious side effects such as low appetite, headaches, constipation, insomnia and dry mouth should not be taken lightly and should be mentioned to the doctor.

How should Meridia be taken?

Meridia (usually taken once a day), should be consumed strictly according to the prescription and if a dose is missed, it should be skipped and an extra dose should not be taken to make up for it. This medication can be consumed with or without consuming a meal.

It should be stored away from moisture and direct sunlight and should be disposed of if no more required or if expired.

The doctor may increase or decrease the dosage according to the patient’s progress, but never attempt to adjust the dosage by own, as it can cause severe side effects and even death. Keep a track of the dosage and progress by visiting the doctor regularly.