meredia dosage for obesityThe best dosage strength of Meridia for a person to treat obesity depends on the body. If the person has more than adequate weight then it is essential to take 15mg dose per day. But, the common dosage that is prescribed for the people is just 10mg. A doctor would also instruct individuals to take 5mg dose if they are not able to manage other higher dosage strengths.

How to determine the best dose of Meridia for you?

You have to consult with a doctor and he or she would be the one who would be able to decide the best dose for you. They would check your height and weight as well as calculate body mass index (BMI).

If the BMI is above 30 there are chances that they would prescribe you with cheap Meridia drug with the needed dosage strength. When the BMI is above 30, it just increases the chance of getting affected by major health issues. So, doctor would believe that this weight loss medication would be beneficial to you.

Is it important to do exercise while taking Meridia dose?

Yes, it is essential to do a regular exercise even though you take the best dose of Meridia. Doing exercise would help you to lose excess pounds from your body. Apart from that, it is also essential that you follow a healthy diet.

Diet would help you to lessen the intake of calorie whereas exercise would help you to burn the calories in the body.

Can you take Meridia dose without consulting a doctor?

No, you are not supposed to take this medication without consulting with a doctor. They would check your health condition and ensure whether you can take it or not. Some people with certain health issues are not supposed to take these pills.

This information would not be known to you but a medical specialist would have a clear knowledge about it. Do not just go about popping a pill straightaway because it might hinder with your health condition.

Can you increase the dosage strength when on Meridia treatment?

You are not supposed to increase the dosage strength of Meridia without getting help from the doctor. Some people would develop tolerance towards this weight loss medication and they go about increasing the dosage strength.

Finally people get addicted due to this activity. To avoid all these, it is important that you do not self-treat at any point of the treatment.

Do you suffer from ill effects while taking wrong dosage strength of Meridia?

Yes, people would suffer from side effects if they take wrong dosage strength of Meridia. If taken at higher doses than required for your body, then the chances of side effects are very much high. In case, if individuals take the lower dosage strength than required then it is not possible to see much difference in their weight.

You just have to consult with the right specialist and follow their instructions to safely lose weight with this medication.